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SC3 Ishraqiyun

Free Salamander Exhibit

SC3 Ishraqiyun

Secret Chiefs 3: ISHRAQIYUN
CD | VINYL LP | digital (FLAC)

Book of Souls: Folio A

Secret Chiefs 3


Secret Chiefs 3 has released (3.21.17) another two song single, sans all physical attachments! Check these new super-high-quality productions at bandcamp,

Visit HERE to see more about the first song
and HERE to see more about the second song.

Be a champion and support these massive productions that defy all logic.



Secret Chiefs 3: URSecret Chiefs 3: UR

Secret Chiefs 3 has released two new super-high-quality productions at bandcamp sans all physical attachments.


Listen above, and visit HERE to see more about this release.

Perhaps naïvely, we still believe in the motivating force of "the music-itself." By this path SC3 is blessed with listeners from every conceivable dimension who tend to agree with the premise, and we in turn remain unwilling to kickstart or lobby for listener's ‘patreonage.’ Just a personal preference. So in the death-of-physical-sales-department, and with a couple of large-scale you-can-imagine-how-expensive-to-make SC3 releases coming up in 2017 (physical ones, and still stubbornly insisting on equally fleshy musicians to create them), this bandcamp release is our old-school idea of a “fundraiser”: we are offering this full-pedigree SC3 music for $4. In other words, we’re releasing a single & hoping you love it enough to buy it (you can preview listen & see if it motivates you to that end).

Another equal pedigree single/EP package like this will follow in January/February.

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